The Company

SC TMD Deriva Group SRL offers and promote quality products since its founding in 1998, this being one of the major factors that propelled the company. At the beginning, we start to work in a small garage, delivering just a few products. Today, we are proud to say that we was able to raise our own warehouses and production facilities. We offer complete services starting from the production of insulating glass carpentry and finishing with a wide range of accessories produced on own, as well as installation and consulting services related. Our clients benefit from a long warranty on products purchased, a prompt service and a quality warranty and post-warranty service.


SC TMD Deriva Group SRL owns the trademark name "TMD Deriva Group" and "termiQ, and associated signs.


If you arrive at our offices, you can visit the showroom of products marketed by us. Here you can enjoy samples of materials, finished products, the operation of windows, you can visit the production facility and you can benefit from advice from our experts.

Our last projects

Hall no. 2

Construction of a new industrial building (Hall no. 2) was completed on april 2010, the main purpose of this facility being as a storage of raw materials.

Resource management

By the end of 2012 we will implement a new computerized system to support activity in real time acquisition and tracking of orders, delivery optimization, organizing assemblies, human resources management and more.