Welcome to The Windows Factory from Timisoara,
where, you will find some of the best pvc windows...

What we do...

We deal with the production of PVC and aluminum windows and doors with insulating glass (double glazing or triple glazing) since 1998, and do well. We work with only the raw material mainly from Germany (Rehau, Brokelmann, Siegenia-Aubi, KFV) to provide maximum quality for our customers and partners, this good quality being brought by production staff, as well as machinery we use, also produced in Germany: Sturtz, Elumatec, URBAN, etc...

At our company, you can command windows and doors from PVC and aluminum with insulated glass (double-glazed windows or triple glazed), shutters, window sills, insect nets, aluminium curtain walls and other various accessories. Although our products come with a warranty of up to 10 years.

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Special offers

Between 01.08.2010 and 30.10.2010 we offer a big discount of 10% to all our products!
Call us at +40356 007 333!


You have the opportunity to buy PVC windows and doors at half price! The products are new and can be purchased immediately. Full list of products in stock can be found here.

Bargains! 50% OFF!


Address: Caprioarei St., no. 7
City: Ghiroda, jud. Timis, Romania
Phone: +40356 007 333
Fax: +40356 007 331
Mail: secretariat@fabricadegeamuri.ro